RHKYC Safety Guidelines

All new rowers/coxes are required to be familiar with the general safety polices of the Club document. Click here  to download.

The Club works to ensure that all relevant equipment and procedures are kept up to date.

October 20 Safety Demonstration and Briefing document. Click here to download.

Coastal (Offshore) Rowing
Rowing offshore and away from the existing rescue arrangements at the Club location at Middle Island. Click here to download current safety document.

Each rower is required to wear a PFD (life jacket) while rowing. The Club has a number of pouch style, pull to inflate, PFDs that are worn around the waist on a belt. This means that each person still has a full range of motion for easy rowing.

A kit of equipment is also required. Each crew must take out a dry bag that contains maps, compass, signal devices (torch, mirror, whistle, flares) and some basic tools. Crews also need to take a communications device - either a mobile phone or a VHF radio - in a dry bag.

FISA Requirements
The Club works to ensure that all of the equipment complies with the FISA regulations. The eights, fours and singles at Shatin all comply with the most up-to-date buoyancy requirements (each underseat compartment is sealed). Other safety requirements are regularly checked. These include proper installation of bowballs and correctly fixed heel restraints.

Equipment Maintenance
If any member notices a defect in any piece of equipment, please bring it to the attention of a staff member or committee member.

Staff - Ah Tai (Rowing Section Boatman), Laurence Wong (Middle Island Marine Supervisor

Safety Links
FISA Minimum Guidelines for the Safe Practice of Rowing (download file )
Leo Blockley Memorial Campaign - information on boat buoyancy and hypothermia
Richard Packer's website for information on general safety, including heel restraints and bowballs