Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Board Rental


We are incredibly pleased to inform you that we now have Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards available to rent in two (2) hour blocks at Middle Island. The rental of the boards are for MEMBERS ONLY who have completed the SUP Basics – An introduction to standup paddling course at RHKYC.


Important information – Please take note

Step 1 – < BOOK >your board rental.

Step 2Check the weather the day before and on the day. Strong winds above force 4 will be a difficult and challenging paddle and we strongly advise against using the boards. For your information, Red and Black Rainstorm, Strong Monsoon, Tropical Cyclone warning signal No.3 or above the session will be cancelled. Thunderstorm warning, Amber rainstorm, Tropical cyclone warning signal No. 1 conditions will be assessed by Club Management and the session may be cancelled.

Step 3 – Please wear what you would normally to the gym with water shoes and expect to get wet. You may bring a reusable water bottle and attach to the elastic at the front of the board.

Step 4 – Please see attached photos of where the boards and all the equipment are currently stored. Please make sure you rinse all equipment and put back in the right place. All boards and racks are numbered.

Step 5 – The boards are not ‘light’ in weight. Please take care when lifting, carrying, launching and returning the boards. Ask for help! The boards and the fin will crack and scratch if you mishandle them such as dropping the boards or laying the boards down on the slipway or rocks, or running them aground over rocks. Do not stand or place weight on the boards when on land such as on the beach as you might break the delicate fin underneath.

Step 6Please arrive on time and return your equipment on time.

Step 7 – Please report any damage to

Step 8Stay within the safe paddle zones as detailed on the map attached.

Step 9 – HAVE FUN!


Suggested Paddle Routes

Easy Course – Paddle within the channel from the Boatshed slipway and in front of the public beach area (1km radius).

Medium Course – Paddle within the channel and in front of the beach and then in to Repulse Bay and back down to the beach. Check wind direction and paddle upwind first so that you paddle downwind as your final leg. Watch for boat traffic in Repulse Bay. (2km radius).

Hard Course – For a more challenging and longer course paddle within the channel and head towards Deep Water Bay (DWB) passing by the Aberdeen Boat Club (ABC) on your left. Paddle around the yachts and down towards Victoria Recreation Club (VRC) and the sharks nets at DWB. Come back through the Channel and go as far in to Repulse Bay as you wish and then back towards the beach. (4km radius).

Equipment Locations

Boards are located on the outside wall of the Boathouse.

The Paddles are located within the boatshed right next to the metal fire escape door.

The PFDs are inside the boatshed on a rack.