Spring Schools Invitational Rowing Regatta 2015

The Second Annual Spring Schools Rowing Regatta

RHKYC will be hosting the second annual Spring Schools Invitational Rowing Regatta (SSIRR) on March 21st 2015 at Middle Island in Deepwater Bay. All secondary school students who row with the club junior team, the Stingrays, or in RHKYC led afterschool, extracurricular rowing programs will be invited to race for their school in this exciting event. The regatta will be held over 1000 metres, starting near the Hong Kong Country Club, and finishing just past the Middle Island Beach. Parents, friends, school coaches and administrators will be invited to watch from the RHKYC clubhouse, or a special viewing area on top of the boathouse. 

Training and Preparation

This regatta is a culmination of all of our student rowers' efforts over the past two terms! Some student rowers are new to the sport, while others have been training on the water for two years or more. Depending on age, the athletes will have an opportunity to row in coxed quads and singles or coxed fours and doubles. All coxwains will be highly experienced rowers and adults, and will not be required to be members of the same school as their crew. 


Please speak to your coach about entering the regatta as soon as possible. A copy of the enrollment form can be found here.

Age Categories

Hong Kong A/B class (19 and under)

Hong Kong C/D class (14 and under)

Novice category  - new this year! 

Teacher's Race
This year we hope to have another "teachers race" open to teachers and administrators from these schools. Please see the follwing flyer for information on special training courses here.


List of Schools (tentative)

Kellett School 

Harrow School

South Island School 

West Island School

Island School

Chinese International School

German Swiss International School

Li Po Chun International School

Canadian International School

Victoria Shanghai School

Discovery Bay International School

French International School


Course Map and Warm Up Circulation