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Ahoy Typhoon Season Approaching Jul/Aug 2016 download
A.I.S. (Automatic Identification System), See You See Me Jun 2008 download
A Sea of Plastic Jun 2012 download
A Tender Subject Dec 2012 download
Anchoring - Part I (Ground Tackle and Scope) Oct 2006 download
Anchoring - Part II (Anchoring Techniques and Tips) Nov 2006 download
Antifouling - Part I Feb 2005 download
Antifouling - Part II Mar 2005 download
Are Your Seacocks Made of 'The Right Stuff'? Apr 2012 download
A Winning 'Approach' - Part I Dec 2013 download
A Winning 'Approach' - Part II Jan 2014 download
Beginners' Guide to the Galaxy Starting a Race Dec 2014 download
Boat Security Sept 2014  download
Boatyard Sept 2015  download
Boatyard - How to Give Directions to Get the Job Done Apr 2005 download
Boatyard Maintenance Recommendation June 2016 download
Boatyard News - New Travel Hoist May 2015 download
Causeway Bay Construction Update Oct 2015 download
Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Work Apr 2017 download
Charting Hong Kong's Waters Apr 2016 download
Class IV Vessels Apr 2013 download
Cleaning Boats and Water Pollution Dec 2016 download
Cruising Hong Kong's Waters Jan 2012 download
Cruising Tool Kit Sep 2008 download
Deck Handling Systems - Making the Right Purchase Oct 2009 download
Don't Lose Your Bearings Feb 2014 download
EPIRBs Jul/Aug 2006 download
Fire on Board Apr 2007 download
Fittings - Choosing the Right Hardware Apr 2009 download
Flares - Are They In or Out? Sept 2011 download
Galvanised into Action Jul/Aug 2013 download
Gas on Board - It's No Laughing Matter Apr 2010 download
Gearbox Issues Jun 2013 download
Gelcoat Jan 2005 download
GMDSS - The Idiot's Guide (by Simon Boyde) Sept 2009 download
Holding Power Nov 2011 download
Hong Kong Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (HK MRCC) Feb 2008 download
Housekeeping Oct 2013 download
I've Just Spent Six Months in a Leaky Boat May 2013 download
Instrument Calibration - Accurate Boat Speed and Heading Mar 2006 download
Instrument Calibration - Wind Data and Depth Apr 2006 download
Keels May 2008 download
Kellett Island Pontoons and Moorings Jan 2016 download
Lifelines Apr 2008 download
Lifeline Safety May 2017 download
Lightening and your Boat Feb 2013 download
Marine Facilities at the Club June 2017 download
Marine Update Mar 2015 download
Mast Tuning - Part I Jan 2009 download
Mast Tuning - Part II Feb 2009 download
More on Boat Safety Feb 2015 download
Never Too Old To Learn Mar 2014 download
New Legislation Affecting Pleasure Vessel Operations Feb 2007 download
Offshore - Preparation Dec 2011 download
Offshore Race Preparations Feb 2012 download
Offshore Race  - Be Prepared Jan 2013 download
Outboard Fuel Apr 2015 download
Packed to the Rafters (Part 1) Nov 2014 download
Packed to the Rafters (Part 2) Jan 2015 download
Packed to the Rafters (Part 3) Nov 2015 download
Periodic Maintenance Mar 2013 download
Phones on Boats Dec 2007 download
Pleasure Vessel Regulations Mar 2012 download
Pollution in, and on, the sea Mar 2016 download
Propellers Sept 2007 download
Race Ready -
Cat 1 Safety / General Safety / Performance / Navigation & Strategy / Crew
Mar 2007 download
Race Ready - Rating Nov 2007 download
Regular Maintenance Makes for Trouble Free(er) Boating! Dec 2008 download
Revised Mardep Regulations on VisitingPleasure Vessels Feb 2017 download
Rigging - How Long Does it Last? Mar 2011 download
Roger's Top 30 Rocks to Avoid Dec 2006 download
Roger's Top 30 Spots to Rock Jul/Aug 2015 download
Roller Furling May 2006 download
Rudder and Steering Inspection May 2014 download
Running Rigging Feb 2006 download
Sail Care Jun 2010 download
Sail Recycling May 2012 download
Satellite Telephones Nov 2016 download
Sea Legs - (And Where Can I Get Some?) May 2010 download
Something Fishy Jul / Aug 2012 download
Steering Systems Sept 2013 download
Superstitions Dec 2009 download
Tack to Tack - What's the Difference? Nov 2008 download
Termites / white ants on boats - is your investment being eaten? Sept 2014 download
The Club's Marine Fleet May 2016 download
The Forgotten EPIRB Sep 2016 download
The Matrix (Part 2) May 2011 download
The Matrix Explained Apr 2011 download
The Water We Sail in Feb 2016 download
Tips and Tricks - Installing Deck Hardware Sept 2012 download
Top Down Furling - One Good Turn Deserves Another Nov 2012 download
Top Tips - Clamping / Coiling / Fendering / Anchor Chain Jan 2010 download
Tricks of the Trade -
Toilets / Stuck Split Pin / Avoiding a Sticky Mess / Neat Ends
Jul/Aug 2008 download
Tying Up Alongside Correctly Jan 2017 download
Typhoon Advice Jun 2007
Jun 2009
Ju/Aug 2017
Typhoon Precautions / Safety Afloat Jun 2011 download
Vinyl Wraps - The Death Knell for Topside Paints? Dec 2010 download
Water Tanks Sept 2009 download
What’s Happening in the Typhoon Shelter? Oct 2016 download
What Happens When a ModernProduction Yacht Hits the Bottom? Mar 2017 download
What's in Your Tank? Nov 2010 download
What Were They Sinking About? Mar 2010 download
Winches Jul/Aug 2009 download