Octopus Card System


A purchase form must be completed prior to purchasing Octopus cards.  Issuing and adding value to Octopus cards can only be by cash.  The Octopus cards are non returnable and non-refundable.  The Club acts as a service provider including issuing Octopus cards and adding cash value, and bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or malfunction of the cards.


The following persons are eligible to use Octopus cards and all must present either a valid membership card, visiting membership card, race day membership card, course student card, Sharks training card, student usage card or introductory scheme card, issued by the Club, when using an Octopus Card for purchasing food and beverage and using Club facilities.  Guest of a Member may also use an Octopus card when paying for parking charges.

  • Members

    Visiting Absent Members who are temporarily visiting the Club.


    Visitors to Hong Kong ordinarily eligible for membership of the Club, visiting yachtsmen and visiting competitors.  Visitors are required to obtain a visiting membership card from either the Membership Office or Reception, Kellett Island.  When Reception is closed, visitors wishing to purchase Octopus cards may do so by producing their membership cards or a letter of introduction from their own Club, at the Main Bar, Kellett Island.

    Visiting competitors who participate in any Club organised, sailing or rowing event (only on pre-approved race day(s) as defined by the General Committee).  Visiting competitors should register with Reception and obtain a valid race day membership card, before purchasing Octopus cards.

  • Course Students

    Any non-Members who participate in any of the Club’s organised sailing or rowing related courses and parents of sponsored cadets during Shark training.  The use of Octopus cards by course students is restricted to the purchase of food and beverage and only for the duration of their course and the usage by the holders of Sharks training cards is restricted to the terms and conditions as may be set by the General Committee from time to time.
  • Student Usage Card

    Current full time local university students whose application has been approved by the Membership Committee.
  • Introductory Scheme Card

    Any persons who meet the admission criteria for the Introductory Scheme and whose applications have been approved by the Membership Committee.


  • Authorised Guest Parkers

    Guest of a Member whose Host Member has given details to Reception in advance of the guest’s vehicle arriving at Kellett Island may use an Octopus card to settle any charges as determined from time to time by the General Committee.