Bistro Deli









The Bistro Deli is already operating at its new permanent home just next to the Bistro Bar.

We have all the ingredients that you may need daily from sliced hams, seafood and meat, main courses including
homemade sousvide Angus point brisket, homemade curries, homemade lasagne, sauces, your daily fresh ingredients
to homemade cakes and pastries…

Not to mention we have always included new items in Bistro Deli for you to discover and chef may pop up to give you
some cooking tips.
And don’t forget to purchase our exclusive wines which are available at the Bistro Deli only.

Order through our online platform is available.



Opens daily  
Monday to Friday 1130hrs to 2000hrs
Saturdays, Sunday and Public Holiday 1030hrs to 2000hrs




For assistance, please call the Bistro Deli on 2237 1010 within operating hours.