Nations' Cup


Any keelboat with an RHKATI handicap can enter. The unique feature is that everybody on board an individual boat must be of the same nationality - born, passport, fluent, see below. Are you up for this chance to claim the waters of HK for your country?

You don't have to be a member of the RHKYC - or ANY club in HK for that matter. Heck, you don't even have to live here. Fly in Ben Ainslie if you want!

There is NO restriction on the number of boats that can enter for a country - so if for example there are 15 boats representing Hong Kong, so more the better.

A big fun day out, not too serious (see criteria!)... There will be fabulous opportunities for song, costume, and native customs.

The winner will be presented with the Vic Locke Memorial Trophy - other prizes include the winning nation's flag being placed behind the bar until the race the following year, and of course the status of Champion Sailing Nation Of The Year.



Club Sampan Supension


Division Name of boat Sail No. Class Nation Skipper/ Person in Charge Rating Warning Signal
HKPN Fuzzy Duck 1493 Big Boat Hong Kong Eddie Chan / Johnnie Cheng 1161 11:45:00
HKPN Water Rabbit 1804 Big Boat Japan Fukushima Kunihiro 1290 11:45:00
HKPN Tornado 2002 Big Boat Hong Kong Paul Lam / Raymond 1171 11:45:00
HKPN Oceanholic 2086 Big Boat Hong Kong Terence Lee 1286 11:45:00
HKPN Neptunus 2187 Big Boat Australia Ronald Lau 1283 11:45:00
HKPN Early Bird 2297 Big Boat Hong Kong Thomas Wong 1161 11:45:00
HKPN Blu 2399 Big Boat Italy Enrico Zanella 966 11:45:00
HKPN Fairmile 2507 Big Boat Canada Simon Cheung 1100 11:45:00
HKPN French Connection TBC Big Boat French Vianney Guezenec 988 11:45:00
RHKATI Celines 1 Dragon France Marc Castagnet 0.824 12:00:00
RHKATI Mei Fei 51 Dragon Hong Kong Ken Wong 0.824 12:00:00
RHKATI French Frogs 55 Dragon France Tam Nguyen 0.824 12:00:00
RHKATI Dragonfly 59 Dragon Netherlands Bram van Olphen 0.824 12:00:00
RHKATI Turkish Delights 3604 Flying Fifteen Turkey Cem Yurdum 0.849 12:00:00
RHKATI Niffty 3876 Flying Fifteen England Tim Roberts 0.849 12:00:00
RHKATI NHS 4015 Flying Fifteen England Nick Atkinson 0.849 12:00:00
RHKATI Full Power 4038 Flying Fifteen Hong Kong Kingston Leung 0.849 12:00:00
RHKATI Taurus 700 Impala Hong Kong HH Tse 0.876 12:00:00
RHKATI Boss Hogg 1066 Impala Hong Kong Francis Cheung 0.876 12:00:00
RHKATI Xanadu 1221 Impala Hong Kong Francis Ma 0.876 12:00:00
RHKATI Impala 1 9546 Impala Scotland Mike Burrell 0.876 12:00:00
RHKATI Brigand 70 Ruffian United States Mark Clifford 0.779 12:00:00
RHKATI Innisfreelance 502 Ruffian Ireland Jamie McWilliam 0.779 12:00:00
RHKATI Dreadnought 1347 Big Boat England Rob 0.982 12:15:00
RHKATI Goddess 2186 Big Boat United States Paul Kan 0.988 12:15:00
RHKATI 2nd Coming 555 Etchells Hong Kong Jean Marc Nosbusch 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Meihem 696 Etchells Hong Kong Cheung Mei Han 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Marianne 788 Etchells Canada Jonathan Wong 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Easy Tiger 884 Etchells England Paul Rechten 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Shrub 912 Etchells New Zealand Jono Rankine 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Incoming 1047 Etchells United States Patrick Johnson 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Steeley 1051 Etchells Hong Kong James Dagge 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Fluffig Anka 1180 Etchells Sweden Christoph Michalski 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Zulu 1190 Etchells England John Knox 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Reprobate 1235 Etchells Australia J Arnold / E Kelly 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Gunga Din 1243 Etchells England Nick Burns 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Dynamite 1269 Etchells England Richard Allen 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Are We There Yet? 1358 Etchells Australia Thomas Cheung 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI King of the Pin 1364 Etchells Netherlands Frank van Kempen 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Racer X2 1406 Etchells Hong Kong Mark Thornburrow 0.951 12:15:00
RHKATI Golden Hind 2197 J/70 England Rob Partridge 0.905 12:15:00
RHKATI May-13 2231 J/80 Hong Kong Lonny Chen 0.947 12:15:00
RHKATI FAB 182 Sportsboat England Russ Parker 0.962 12:15:00
RHKATI Gambit 1612 Big Boat England Keith Mowser 1.014 12:30:00
RHKATI Dexter II 1832 Big Boat Hong Kong Victor Kuk 1.027 12:30:00
RHKATI Arcturus 2273 Big Boat Hong Kong Dennis Chien 1.042 12:30:00
RHKATI Ding Dong 2293 Big Boat Hong Kong Thomas Wong 1.033 12:30:00
RHKATI Phoenix 9 Sportsboat Hong Kong David Ho 1.018 12:30:00
RHKATI RT - Miss 813 Sportsboat Sweden Peter Backe 1.019 12:30:00
RHKATI Catch 22 2022 Sportsboat Hong Kong Lee Yik Ming 1.018 12:30:00
RHKATI Belga Queen 2243 Sportsboat Belgium David Salembier 1.025 12:30:00
RHKATI Kiasu 2136 Big Boat Hong Kong Rachel Yip 1.109 12:45:00
RHKATI Xena 2260 Big Boat Hong Kong Dominic Law 1.211 12:45:00
RHKATI Das Busch 2388 Big Boat Germany J Isler 1.238 12:45:00
RHKATI Quest 2533 Big Boat New Zealand Ross Dawson 1.236 12:45:00






What qualifies as a ‘Country’?

  • The following are Countries for the purpose of this race: England, Wales, Belgium;
  • The following are NOT Countries: Great Britain is not a country for the purposes of this race: it is divided into England, Scotland, and Wales, as seen in the Six Nations Rugby tournament.
  • The Isle of Wight is not a country, it is a holiday brochure. Cornwall is not a Country, it is a Ceremonial County or a Duchy.
  • Hawaii is not a Country, it is a State.
  • Tasmania is a State, it does NOT qualify as "God's Own Country", at least for the purposes of this race.


100% of crew members must be nationals of the country which is represented by the boat they are racing on.

During his/her lifetime, a sailor may only ever represent one country in the Race - you should sail for the country to which you have the strongest allegiance.

All applications or disputes relating to the determination of the country which a sailor may represent in the Race shall be resolved very quickly by a committee of at least 2 people who are either members of Sail Com or are Flag Officers of the club.

A sailor who could qualify as a national of two or more countries at the same time may represent either one of them, as he/she may elect. But that choice is final.

A sailor qualifies as a national of a country if ANY of the following apply:

  • The sailor was born in that country
  • The sailor holds a valid passport of that country
  • The sailor has the right of abode in that country (for clarity, HK requires a Permanent HKID Card
  • The sailor has been normally resident in that country for at least 10 years at some stage in their life (for clarity, the 10 years need not be continuous
  • The sailor has represented that country at a major international event, for example, the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup, the United Nations, or the Miss Universe pageant
  • The sailor fluently speaks the language of that country
  • The sailor can sing the national anthem of that country (in the native tongue)