Middle Island

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Arriving via stairs 
Arriving via promenade 
Leaving via stairs 
Leaving via promenade

If travelling by bus from Deep Water Bay direction, alight at the second stop past the beach bus stop, cross the road and take the steep steps down to the promenade. An RHKYC ferry will take you to Middle Island (they are always going to and fro and if they see you standing on the steps they will send the boat over).

Public Transport to Middle Island

Taxi or public bus. Then walk via Seaview Promenade from Deepwater or Repulse Bay (or steps near bus stops) to ferry.

Repulse Bay (or steps near bus stops) to ferry.

Bus stops as shown:-
1) Stop 1:
? Citybus route 6 from Central (daily)
? Citybus route 61 from Central (Sundays & Public Holidays in
? First Bus route 63 from North Point (Mondays-Saturdays)
? First Bus route 66 from Central (daily)

2) Stop 2:
Return routes for buses listed in point 1)

3) Stop 3:
? Citybus route 6A (Mondays-Saturdays)
? Citybus route 6X from Central (daily)
? Citybus route 73 from Cyberport (daily)
? Citybus route 260 from Central (daily)
? Citybus route 973 from Tsimshatsui East (daily)
? First Bus route 65 from North Point (Sundays & Public Holidays)
? First Bus route 315 from the Peak (Sundays & Public Holidays)
? Green Mini Bus route 40 from Causeway Bay to Stanley (daily)
? Green Mini Bus route 52 from Aberdeen to Stanley (daily)

4) Stop 4:
Return routes for buses listed in above point 3)