Marine Fees (as of 1 August 2021)

MONTHLY HARDSTANDING FEES - with effect from 1 August 2021

Kellett Island Middle Island Shelter Cove
Impala $2,167 J/80 $1,809 Dragon $1,700
Etchells $1,774 Sailing Dinghy on Hardstanding $396 Magic 25 $1,596
Ruffian $1,656 One Rack $295 One Rack $396
Pandora $1,406 Shared Rack $155 Shared Rack $155
Flying Fifteen $941        


BOAT HANDLING FEES - with effect from 1 August 2021

Class Fee
Impala $2,014
Etchells $1,864
Ruffian $1,774
Pandora $1,703
Flying Fifteen $859
Magic 25 $1,828
J/80 $1,884

Unless agreed upon by MarCom and SailCom only class boats are allowed to use the hard standing areas of the Club.

MONTHLY MOORING FEES - with effect from 1 August 2021

All moorings are fully occupied and we are unable to offer non-members temporary use of these.  There is a waiting list, currently running at around five years, for all sizes and location of moorings and members who wish to apply for a mooring should contact the marine office,, to apply for their name to be placed on the waiting list. Please note that members may apply for different size moorings at different locations, however, a refundable deposit of one month’s mooring fees will be charged to the members account for each mooring application.

The mooring fee charged by the Club includes
(a) the lease fee for the empty space (no equipment) charged by Hong Kong Marine Department
(b) the equipment (concrete sinker, chain, buoy, shackles), maintenance, insurance and ferry transportation to and from mooring
(c) a pontoon for moored boats to moor against for maintenances and picking up water and stores

LOA Aberdeen Causeway Bay Middle Island Shelter Cove
5 M -  8 M   $3,034 $1,865 $1,986
8 M - 11M $3,053 $3,425 $2,006 $2,122
11M - 14M $3,478 $3,849   $2,408
14M - 16M $3,900 $4,272   $2,659
16M - 17M $4,323 $4,557   $2,931
17M - 18M   $4,978    
18M - 20M   $5,269    
20M - 22M   $5,975    
22M - 23M   $6,248    
23M - 25M   $6,674    
25M - 27M   $6,960    
28M   $7,660    

OVERSEAS VISITING YACHT FEES - with effect from 1 August 2021

First-day F.O.C.
Under 50ft (daily rate) $190
Over 50ft (daily rate) $212

HIRING OF SAIL LOCKERS - with effect from 1 August 2021

Storage lockers are availed for hire at Middle Island and Kellett Island, and facilities for storing sails for Class boats are available at all three Clubhouses. Storage of dangerous or inflammable goods in the lockers or sail store is strictly prohibited. Periodic inspections of the locker rooms will be carried out and members found with dangerous goods stored will have their locker hire revoked with immediate effect. Members are also informed that anything being left elsewhere in the locker room apart from their own lockers will be removed and disposed of without notice.

Storage Kellett Island Middle Island Shelter Cove
Sail Lockers $73 $41 -
Large Sail Lockers $936 - -
Class Boat Shelf Storage $23.5 $23.5 $23.5

An application form for sail storage or locker hire can be downloaded from the members’ login section under “documents” For further information please contact Joanne Ho on Tel: 2239 0309, Fax: 2572 5399, or e-mail