Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival


12 to 13 March 2022

The inaugural Inter-School Sailing Festival was organised in 2003 by the RHKYC’s parent-led Youth Sailing Class, to encourage more schools’ sailing and sail training in Hong Kong.

The concept was simple – each team would consist of a minimum of six sailors, who would race three dinghies in a team racing format against their opposition. The results for each boat in a team would be combined and the team with the lowest combined score would win; hence a team finishing 2nd, 3rd and 5th in a race would prevail over a team finishing 1st, 4th and 6th.

The team racing format has the effect of neutralising the benefit of having one very good sailor in a team, as being first over the line is not necessarily the optimal result for the team. Tactics feature heavily, with competitors strategically delaying opposition boats to help boost their team’s aggregate score.   

For more details please contact Nikki at the Sailing Office:

  • Notice of Race 
  • *REMINDER: Competitors shall comply with any HKSAR Government Covid-19 regulations and RHKYC Covid-19 precautions in place at the time of the event.

    SEE CURRENT CLUB ENTRY REQUIREMENTS as at 6 January 2022 here

    *All members and guests (except those under the age of 12) must have received at least the first dose of a HKSAR Government recognised Covid-19 Vaccine.  Vaccine certificates will be checked by our security staff upon first arrival at each of the Club’s three sites.  For those members, and/or guests, who have a medical exemption, they must produce the relevant documents attesting to that exemption.
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2019 French International School Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association 6 Feva / 6 Pico / 6 Fusion
2018 French International School Jockey Club Ti-I College 6 Feva / 12 Pico
2017 King George V School Hong Kong Schools Sailing Association 12 Feva / 12 Pico
2016 French Inter’l School  King George V School 12 Feva / 12 Pico
2015 King George V School Kellett School 12 Feva / 6 Q'ba / 6 Pico
2014 Hong Kong Sea School Hong Kong Sea School 12 Feva / 6 Q'ba / 6 Pico
2013 South Island School Hong Kong Sea School 12 Feva / 6 Q'ba / 6 Pico
2012 Hong Kong Sea School Hong Kong Sea School 12 Feva / 6 Q'ba / 6 Pico
2011 South Island School Hong Kong Sea School 12 Feva / 12 Q'ba
2010    Island School       West Island School  12 Feva / 6 Q'ba / 6 Pico
2009   Hong Kong Sea School    French International School   12 Feva / 12 Topaz
2008 Hong Kong Sea School    12 Topaz
2007     Island School     12 Topaz
2006   Hong Kong Sea School     12 Topaz
2005  Hong Kong Sea School      12 Topaz
2004    French International School  Hong Kong International School   6 Topaz / 6 Topper
2003   South Island School     Sha Tin College  6 Topaz / 6 Topper