Dragon Boat Development Course (2022 season)

Training and Racing

Starting in January, the team¹s focus is on races in and around the Hong Kong territory between March to June.  The race schedule typically includes a number of events ranging from the well known Stanley International Championships held on the annual dragon boat festival in June to several other local events before and after.

The RHKYC Team boasts an professional coaching program now in considerable demand amongst HK dragon boat teams.  This has yielded excellent race results for all of our boats with the men's team claiming the Stanley Gold Cup Championship in 2008, 2013, and 2014.  As well, our Women’s and Mixed Teams have done very well with top placement finishes in many events including the highly competitive Hong Kong International race.  However, the team always welcomes new recruits of all shapes, ages, sizes and experience. Given our broad range of squads for each event, everyone from the most competitive to most social member of the team gets an opportunity to race!

Water training is only part of the equation for the RHKYC team.  As well as training on weekends at Middle Island, there is a very popular fitness and core strength training session held at Kellett Island every Wednesday (at which even sailors have been occasionally spotted amongst the rowers and paddlers)!  This continues year round even after the dragon boat racing "season" has ended and is open to all members of the club ­contact Gianni Aprea for additional details.

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