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Lewis Cerne

+852 6707 9976 

WICKED Sailing team

WICKED Sailing team

Join the crew of Wicked (MUMM 36 modified) for the season 2019-20. We have been sailing together for a year and have started winning races. 

The boat has been completely refit, new sails and electronics. She is a beauty. We sail a variety of coastal races in Hong Kong, usually 2 events per month. The highlight is the Four Peak Race, an amazing mixed sport regatta, this year in January 2020.

We have brought together a really fun group of people and are looking for more. The more experience the better, but all levels are welcome.

The boat is wonderful, technical and fast. We are looking for all positions.

For more info on the Four Peak Race:

For more info on the Boat:

Crew Available

If you want to crew for a specific class, please send your details to
We will keep entries posted for around 3 months, but if you would like to be re-posted, please let us know!


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Nathan Petralia Email or
+852 9545 5114

I am from Belgium and in HK for 3 years now. I have HKSF 1 and 2 and training regularly to reach level 3 and beyond. I am competitive, enjoy sport to perfection and eager to join a team, train and race.


Any weekends and public holidays. Limited week days if planned in advance.
Matthew Kwok Email or
+852 9876 5082

Completed sailing level 1&2


Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Paul Colwell Email or
+852 6019 2513

I am Paul, originally from Ireland but living in HK for 11 years. As a new introductory member and I am very keen to crew on any available class to gain further experience.  I am eager to find and would be able to commit on a regular basis, while also flexible and can be available on weekends, weekdays, and the sunset series. 

Currently, I have the 101 and 103 ASA certificate and will look to take additional certificates over the next year.

Open to any class.


Leo Cheng Email or
+852 9602 0415

28 y.o. who is new to big boat sailing. Keen to join any class of vessels, for leisure or for competition. 

HKSF Level 1 & 2 
Hong Kong PVOL Grade 2  
RYA PowerBoat Level 2 (certified at ABC)


all weekends and public holidays with notice.

Michelle Cronin-Bruce

Email or
+852 6899 5229

Introductory member.

I am new to sailing and I am really keen to crew on any vessel to gain experience as a crew member in any class. Whether it's sailing for leisure or for competition, I am keen to be hands on and learn. I have recently logged hours on large boats and a catamaran and enjoyed both.

I am registered for adult sailing class in November but want to get some hands on experience prior. 


Friday nights, weekends and public holidays
Jamie  Email

I’m Jamie originally from the U.K. that started to learning last year after completing the dinghy and competent crew courses, eager to gain even more experience crewing on any class.


weekdays and weekends
Matt  Email or
+852 6112 3809

Hello, I am a 35-year-old introductory member who is keen to get involved as crew for any class of vessel. A keen sportsman who is new to sailing but eager, willing to learn and can commit on a regular basis. 


weekdays and weekends
Helen Hancock  Email or
+852 9189 9823

I have completed levels 1&2 of dinghy sailing and would like to join the crew list to gain sailing experience.  I am happy to join any boat if the skipper is happy with a newbie. 


Graham Wladimiroff Email or
+852 9729 4381

Live in HK. Have experience sailing a dinghy, experience built up intermittently over many years in The Netherlands where I am from.

Very interested in joining any type of sailing boat to help out.


Weekends or holidays

Andrew Petker

Email or
+852 68445425

Experienced sailor available to crew on any class consistently through Sunset Series 2021.

Currently crew on J36 out of Hebe Haven Saturday races working front of boat with Gennaker.

Happy to work any part of boat.

American English speaking.

Fully vaccinated.


Sunset Series
Verena Della Vedova +852 9708 4084

Introductory member.

I am new to sailing and I am really keen to crew on a vessel during the Sunset Series. 

Additionally, I am keen to offer myself as a crew member in any class. Whether its sailing for leisure or for competition, I am willing to commit and contribute. 

I am registered for adult sailing class in September. 

I am bilingual English/German.


Sunset Series
Anton +852 6933 6839

Keen to join a competitive crew on any class on a regular basis. I am committed and disciplined.

RYA Competent Crew; J/80 course at HHYC; RYA Powerboat Level 2; Pending PVOL2; HKSF Level 2 with 100+ logged hours on dinghy. 


Both weekends and weekdays

Christian Debeuc

Email or
+852 5930 6060

24 y.o. and from Germany. Very new to sailing but very committed and willing to learn. Therefore, I would like to offer myself as crew for any class of vessel, either for leisure or competition.

Experience / Qualifications:
- HKSF Level 1 and 2
- 70 hours logged on Quest, Pico and Fusion

In addition I am enrolled for several courses in 2021 including RYA Power Boat Level 2 (May), Supervised Sailing Day Trip (May and June), 3 Days of Further Sailing (June), Keelboat Crew Course (July) and 2 Days of Keelboat Supervised Sailing (August).

Weekends and Public Holidays with short notice
Abhay Deo Mishra Email or
+852 9281 4605

Experience. I have done sailing courses during my school time in Hong Kong. Other then that I have no sail boat sailing experience. However I am a merchant navy sailor with good seamanship.  Looking to get back into sailing in Hong Kong.


Last moment notification ok.
Sam Crispin

Email or
+852 9586 7867

Middle aged, heavy weather crew, 50 years sailing experience in a range of boats, previously sailed with flying fifteens 25 years ago. Probably not nimble for all deck duties in a storm but a safe pair of hands for pouring drinks in heavy seas, or similar.


Random availability, short notice possibilities.

Stan Wu Email

Introductory Member and looking to be a crew for any class of boats.  Don't have much sailing experience but beening racing on Impala and Big Boat for a few races. Is registered for the adult beginners class in October.


Weekends and most weekdays with a bit of notice. 
Nicole Leung Email

Introductory member.

I am new to sailing and keen to offer myself as a crew member in any class. Whether its sailing for leisure or for competition, I am willing to commit and contribute.


Most weekends

Zoë Witt

+852 6333 1900

Experience: Sailing levels 1-3 at RHKYC Bronze level 5 (rudderless, spinaker and trapeze) in canada. Have partcipated in regattas in laser and feva class.

Boat experience: Pico, topaz, laser, feva, CL, Albacore

Helms list at RHKYC: Feva, laser


All weekends
Emilio Manzano Email or
+852 6272 9690

My sailing experiences include:
- Level 1&2 certified at ABC adult sailing class
- Further Sailing 3 days course at RHKYC
- ~30 hours logged on Pico and RS Quest
- 16 hours on Laser boats at ABC
- J80 course scheduled on September 2021


Sunset Series 2021
Mirna Zordan (Mia) +852 6098 5625

- Level 1&2 HKSF last year (winter 2020). I am practicing on dinghies a lot at the moment  for an upcoming dinghy regatta and at the same time getting more involved in j80 practice and keelboats racing. I have few experience on race management (Open Dinghy Regatta and J80 Class Championship) and mark layering, I will also apply for RYA Grade 2 and PVOL2 in the coming weeks.  

- Italian mother tongue, can speak Spanish too

- Keen to help and get involved on anything on the water! 


Andrew Marks

+852 6657 1262

I would like to offer myself as crew for any class of vessel. I have experience of both dinghy sailing and big boat sailing in the UK, although this was around 10-15 years ago. 

I am currently studying for the RYA Yachmaster Offshore Theory certificate and expect to take this exam and the PVOL Grade 2 exam in May/June 2021. I am a father two young boys who have enjoyed the limited sailing I have done with them. We are looking to purchase a cruiser at some point in the future and I would like to gain experience of sailing a yacht in Hong Kong waters prior to doing this.


All weekends and public holidays with notice