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Cem Yurdum Email Turkish Team is looking for crew for the Nations' Cup (Sunday 28 April 2019)
Lewis Cerne +852 67079976 (Whatsapp)

WICKED Sailing team

Join the crew of Wicked (MUMM 36 modified) for the season 2018-19. We will sail in a variety of regattas across Hong Kong. Our main objectives is preparing to participate and win the Four Peak Race, an amazing mixed sport regatta in January 2019.

We want to build a great team that can enjoy the training, racing and time spent together. The boat is wonderful, technical and fast. We are looking for all positions.

For more info on the Four Peak Race:

For more info on the Boat:

Crew Available

If you want to crew for a specific class, please send your details to
We will keep entries posted for around 3 months, but if you would like to be re-posted, please let us know!


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John Valteris Email or
+852 9551 2803

Lifelong, team oriented sailor. Good communicator able to fit in with any crew. Comfortable in any position.

Competed in numerous regattas, inshore and offshore events including Lightning Class North Americans, Block Island Race (186NM), Vineyard Race (238NM), Annapolis Bermuda Race (753NM), and Newport Bermuda Race (635NM).

Mechanical engineer with strong background in mechanical and electrical systems. Safety at Sea certified. 


2019 offshore season races or return deliveries
John Crook Email

Live and work in Hong Kong and am keen to do some sailing.

My past sailing experience is as follows:

- various dinghy sailing courses and family sailing holidays as a child.
- RYA day skipper
- crew on bareboat charters for 3 weeks
- day sailing on yachts in sydney on numerous occasions
- occasional dinghy and hobby cat sailing on holidays as an adult in South of France, Scotland, Caribbean, California etc.

Classes: Pico, Lazer, Stratos, Hobby Cat, Yachts of various sizes, including both cruisers and racing yachts.


Raoul Picello Email or
+852 9664 1263

To get more experience and miles I would like to join one of the big boat racing teams in HK, or any other boat that might need crew.   I have some experience with dinghies (single and double handed).  Completed Level 1 & 2 at RHKYC (with Rex) in April 2019.  I passed the practice exam for Sailing License in Spain in 2018. I am 55, 90kg and fit. 


Justin Kwok Email or
+852 6010 6600

Completed Adult Beginners course with the dinghies and is keen to get some more experience in sailing.

Born in HK and work as a banker.  Roughly 72kg, fit and active.

Love all water activities and am ready to get to work.


Matt Colvin Email

Recently completed Adult Beginners course and is keen to get some class racing and offshore experience.  Completing First Aid course and waitlisted on Safety  at Sea course.


Giuseppe Miceli Email or
+852 92113585

I would like to join one of the big boat racing teams in HK over the weekends to get more experience and miles. I have experience with dinghies (single and double handed) and in January 2019 I got the certificate as Competent Crew member by the RYA (5 days and 100 miles).  I passed the theory for the Day Skipper Course and in April I will attend the Practical Skipper course organized by RYA.


Claudia Hinterseer Email or
+852 9456 9412

Dutch journalist in Hong Kong, interested in crewing for races or trips. 63kg, active and strong. I have little sailing experience but am a fast learner. 


Weekends and afternoons and evenings
Catherine Cormack Email or
+852 53380652

Interested in crewing for any upcoming yacht races or trips.

54kg, nimble and fit and strong. I’ve done a few races before. Looking to gain some more experience and build my sailing miles. Fast learner.


Saturdays and Sundays
Andre Oelofse Email or
+852 53390692

Interested in crewing for any upcoming yacht races or trips.

70kg, fit and active with some sailing experience. Fast learner.


Yanjie Yin Email or
+86 18621633006

Keen to sail and want to be a crew for race and other sailing activities. As I'm a world traveler in consulting industry, I can fly back to Hong Kong or other places during weekends. 

Started to sail from 2018 and hold HKSF Level 2 certificate with over 50 hours logged. Completed J80 crew course at RHKYC in Nov 2018

Crew experience: J70, J80 in Hong Kong (RHKYC) and Switzerland (Lake Thun)

Dinghy experience: activated in Quest, Laser, Pico, and Fusion


Stephen Jones

Email or
+852 90373725

Sailing 40 years inshore and offshore.

Extensive coastal racing including running own sports boat. Class winner HKG 2017 Around Island Race. Helm/boat captain.

Recent offshore including 2017 Sydney Hobart on Wot Eva/TP52 . Class winner at finish. Trim and mainsheet Varied big boat experience including Voile De St Tropez on SFS/ VOR 70, delivery and cruising on performance boats.

Hong Kong based with valid certificates Marine first aid, Sea Safety, Day skipper, HKG POVL2. Good team member, fit and friendly with a will to win.


offshore racing 2019 season
Olli Kangas Email or

A 22-year-old business student from Finland really keen to sail in the amazing surroundings of Hong Kong - just moved in a week ago.

Have various crew experience including: 3 weeks of cruising type sailing with 48ft boats in Montenegro and Greek islands, and a couple years of experience from sailing 25 & 45ft cruisers in the Baltic sea and Norway.


Spring season