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Chan Koon Sing Email or 
+852 9444 2413

This is Sing. I'm a 27-year-old sporty young man, growing up in Hong Kong. 

Holder of HKYA lv 2 (Optimist) in 2005 and LCSD Sailing Improving Techniques /Seamanship Competency Record in 2021.  Boats that I have sailed: Optimist, Pico, Topper, Wanderer, H12.2, RS 2000, Hobbie 16

I also do unicycling, capoeira and playing hockey, cycleball, canoeing and windsurfing. 


Weekends and public holidays

Anique Hadeler

Emaiil or
+852 9416 6375.

Due to a research project, I will stay for the following months in Hong Kong. I am a very experienced 30 years old sailor with a lot of regatta experience. Interested to crew for leisure sailing or regattas.


Peter Ritchie Email or
+852 9529 5122

I have not sailed for many years but am very keen to get back into it. I am an introductory member of the Club and as I have my own business I  am very flexible in my availability. I have been a very active sportsman throughout my life and willing to play any part I can.


Weekdays, weekends
Carey Kong Email or
+852 6533 1161

I am a beginner in sailing and am really eager to learn, to try different classes of sailing boat and to take up any role/task!

I completed the HKSF Dinghy Sailing Level 1 & 2 course at RHKYC and had about 40 hours sailing experience on a L30 (HKPN) boat.  I got a Pleasure Vessel Operator (PVOC) Grade 2 certificate and I am also an active scuba diver.  I am a native Cantonese speaker and fluent in English.

I have recently joined as an introductory member. I would love to connect with like-minded individuals of all experience levels and I believe that becoming embedded into the fabric of a community is what transforms a hobby into a passion!


Weekends / Public holidays
Floria Wun

Email or
+852 5404 6296

I started sailing for leisure (as participant/passenger) since 2017. Been on both leisure sails and attended one of the regattas in 2017/2018. I had my experiences mostly on Catamaran and Oceanic. Availability on weekends, and flexible for weekdays for now. 

Alan Woo Email

I am 42 years old and an Introductory Member to the RHKYC.  I have an active lifestyle but am new to sailing - it's never too late to learn.  I am available to contribute and take up any roles and although I am generally busy with work, I can be flexible with my availability in order to contribute here.



Teresa Chan Email or 
+852 6103 4237

I am 30 years old and have studied in the UK for 11 years. I enjoy outdoor activities and is proactive in keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am a newbie to sailing but dedicated to learn and keen to take up any roles/contribute. I live in causeway bay so I could be committed at short notice.


Very flexible, weekday evenings, weekends, public holidays at short notice

Bobo Cheung Email or
+852 9218 9882

I am a 28 year-old local and completed HKSF Dinghy Sailing Level 1 & 2 at ABC in September 2021. I am new to sailing but eager to learn and contribute. I am interested in any class of sailboat.

I am active and love outdoor activities like scuba diving, kayaking and hiking. I also train at the gym regularly.


Weekends and public holidays
Helen Fung Email or +852 9643 0842 Recently completed Level 1 & 2 and very keen to go Class Racing. Weekends
Jerry Garrett

Email or
+852 6208 5700


I am an Introductory member. I am semi-retired, very flexible for scheduling and very willing to offer myself as a crew member. I have just completed Level 1 Sailing Certification. I have the time and I can commit to sail on short notice. Eager and ready!


Very flexible schedule on weekdays and weekends
Olivier Weston Email or 60.01274 Limited sailing experience but have sailed in Sai Kung in the past, proficient in the use of ropes due to rock climbing. Weekends
Zak Allom Email or
+852 9680 3257

I haven’t sailed since I was a youngster, but have always been an extremely keen sportsman and possess plenty of heart and brawn and am quick to learn. As a newbie to the Introductory Scheme, I am keen to get involved and contribute in any way I can.


Most weekdays and Saturdays at short notice.
Bruce Boulanger Email or
+86 2162121088
  • Sailing since 1980
  • 1990-1998 – Sailmaker (Hood Sails Canada)
  • 1987 – Transatlantic Crossing (East to West)
  • 1989 - Sydney-Hobart
  • 1992 – Transatlantic Crossing (West to East)
  • 1994 - Sydney-Hobart
  • 1995  - Key West Race Week
  • 1995 – Bermuda 1-2 (double-handed leg)
  • 1980-2004 - Numerous regattas  in North America, Australia in boats ranging in size from 22-80’, One Design, IMS, PHRF.
  • 2007-present – extensive cruising with family on our Niagara 35

I can be contacted on WhatsApp: Boulab or via email.


weekends or long weekends. some longer offshore races
Finbar Bradley


I have just moved to hongkong from Ireland (currently in quarantine) I  would be very keen to get involved with racing in the city if at all possible.

In a past life I represented Ireland at World Cup level in the 470 class after c9ming through the national laser programme. Since then I have raced a multitude of dinghy and larger boats at national and international level.


Ceara Hui Email or
+852 9320 6726

- An introductory member
- Completed Level 1 and 2 in March 2021 at RHKYC on RS Quest and Fusion. Recently joined one-day supervised sailing to refresh my sailing skills.
- Have been on big boat for a few times and tried J80 at RHKYC open day
- Willing to try different classes of sailing boat
- Age: early 30s 


Weekends and public holidays
Josh Craddock

Email or 
+852 9829 0919

37 years old. Introductory Scheme Member, recently completed Level 1 & 2 at RHKYC on RS Quest and Fusion. I’m keen to gain further experience in any class. I’m fit and reliable.


Weekends and holidays

George Papadopoulos

Email or
+852 5347 4188

I am 53 years old. I completed the Offshore Sailing Course of the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club about 30 years ago, learning on 60s Swan 36 boats and participated in a few races back then. I would like to get back in touch with the sport. I am happy to crew on any available class to gain further experience. I am reasonably fit, ex-Triathlete, regular runner and weights training enthusiast.


weekdays and some weekends, fairly flexible
Chris Hui Email or
+852 6149 8919

I am an introductory member and I do have certified level 1 & 2 at RHKYC adult sailing class on RS Quest. I am getting my HKSF PVOC Grade 2 licence in December 2021.

I’m willing to learn anything about sailing and willing to take any tasks or roles applicable.

My ultimate goal is having my own sailboat but at this moment, learning the detail, gaining more race experience on any class of vessel.


Weekends and public holiday