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Please send your information to if you need crew.


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Mark Wiltshire Email

We are a 60 meter Motor Yacht based in Hong Kong.  We anticipate needing Hong Kong resident deck hands and stewardesses in the coming months.

We need crew to have Seafarers' Medicals and Basic STCW certificates.  Also, Grade 2 PVOL licenses are preferred.

If there are any members/associates that think it could be for them we would be most interested to discuss possibilities.

Lewis Cerne

+852 6707 9976 

WICKED Sailing team

WICKED Sailing team

Join the crew of Wicked (MUMM 36 modified) for the season 2019-20. We have been sailing together for a year and have started winning races. 

The boat has been completely refit, new sails and electronics. She is a beauty. We sail a variety of coastal races in Hong Kong, usually 2 events per month. The highlight is the Four Peak Race, an amazing mixed sport regatta, this year in January 2020.

We have brought together a really fun group of people and are looking for more. The more experience the better, but all levels are welcome.

The boat is wonderful, technical and fast. We are looking for all positions.

For more info on the Four Peak Race:

For more info on the Boat:

Crew Available

If you want to crew for a specific class, please send your details to
We will keep entries posted for around 3 months, but if you would like to be re-posted, please let us know!


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Jade. C. Email or
+852 6117 0021

Local HK resident, completed HKSF Level 1 and 2 last year, safety conscious and have a basic knowledge of sailing. Got some sailing experiences in dinghy/Quest/Racing sailboats. Very keen to continue practicing and take part in some races in the future. Looking to join a crew, happy to help and fill in any gaps where needed.


Weekends & PHs
Steve Bruce

Email or 
+852 9170 5575

English from London. Been here 20+ years so far. 4 years’ experience & have raced in many HKG club races pretty much every weekend during that time including Waglan Series, ABC Summer Series, HHYC Typhoon Series, COA Macau races and many more.

PVOL2 Holder
Safety at Sea Cert holder
PADI Emergency First responder
RHKYC Etchells fleet membe

Not married, no kids & business owner, so lots of time for sailing!


Tom Matterson

Email or
+852 9091 6959

Experience/Qualifications: 28-year-old just moved to Hong Kong from London. Mainly dinghy sailing experience but some smaller keel-boat sailing too (Flying Fifteen, Dragon, Etchell, etc..)

Very keen to help out as crew wherever/whatever is needed, and to just get out on the water. 


Evenings, weekends and public holidays
W K Lo Email or
+852 5128 8536

Local HK resident.  20+ years sailing experience, mainly windsurfing and dinghies in govt centers.  With HKSF Racing Certificate and Grade 2 PVOL (Master & Engineer -in/out board).  Active govt center racing participants, few experience from RHKYC racing events.  Dinghies sailing most recently are RS500, Dart 16 and 420. 


Mainly weekends or holidays.
Richard Scarth  Email or
+852 60328861

Mainly dinghies


Pete Beckhouse Email or
+852 9407 7793

Just moved to Hong Kong from London. I have my RYA Day Skipper and mostly cruised on bareboats in Greek Islands / Whitsundays. A little race experience Saturday afternoons on Sydney Harbour, and twilight sailing (but that hardly counts)

Only a little dinghy saiing, but a keen kitesurfer and windsurfer. 

Looking to join a crew or just help out when needed, and get on the water and be part of a team.


Weekends, PHs, potentially evenings