Corporate Sailing at RHKYC

Image: Virgile Bertrand

Introduce your team to the exciting world of yacht racing! 

The Club’s 6 J80 Yachts are the backbone of the Corporate Fleet. Each yacht can carry 5 clients onboard. Other options include 2 to 3 person sailing dinghies. We can have a maximum of 30 people on the water sailing at the same time. Most sessions are full days but the schedule can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Client Days
Take your own clients out for a great day on the water as a big thank you to them

Team Building Days
Strengthen, Reinvigorate, Bond, Motivate your own staff with a Team Building Day

Reward Days
Reward your staff or clients with an opportunity for them to learn a new skill

All challenges can be tailored to the client’s requirements with different objectives and results.

Booking and More Information
Download the Corporate Sailing Package

Contact the RHKYC Middle Sailing Office
MI Sailing and Marine Manager, Jono Rankine  Tel: +852 2812-0172.