Corporate Nominee Membership

Corporate Nominee Membership permits one member of staff (including immediate family Members up to 18 years old) to be nominated to use the Club's facilities. This Membership is transferable with the approval of the General Committee and on payment to the Club of a transfer fee of 35% of the difference between the selling price and the original price, or HK$585,000, whichever is higher.  The nominee has to pay a monthly subscription. (application form).


Current Joining Fee is: $2,400,000.


Current Monthly Subscription Rates are:

Married Couple: $1,547
Single: $1,200
Cadet: $182
Child: Nil

Current Monthly Minimum Food & Beverage Charge per account:

Married Couple: $498
Single: $498


There is also an optional annual donation of $100 charged to members' accounts at Easter each year to help fund the RHKYC Charity Foundation’s work in the community.  Members who wish to opt-out of this donation should contact the accounts office.

When a Corporate Nominee Member wishes to change its Corporate Nominee Subscriber, it is required to inform the Club in writing, giving details of the new subscriber (application form).  Upon receipt of the application, a meeting will then be arranged for the new Subscriber to meet with the Membership Committee who meets once every month.  Once the application is approved, the Subscriber is required to attend one of the three briefing sessions held immediately after his/her election to be a Member and to collect his/her membership card.  The schedule of the meetings of Membership Committee and the New Member's Briefing/Cocktail parties can be viewed online here.

There is a re-nomination fee, currently $32,000 ( for those who ceases to be a Corporate Nominee Subscriber for more than 24 months after joining) and $42,000 (for those who ceases to be a Corporate Nominee Subscriber for less than 24 months after joining).

Any interested party may contact the Membership Office on (852) 2239 0372 or email to
It is possible to arrange a site visit at Kellett Island by appointment.