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Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance

If this 'book now' button does not work for you, please follow these steps
  1. open a new email, type the subject title as Booking - Squash Court
  2. copy and paste the contents of the box below into the email
  3. complete the information
  4. email

I would like to reserve a squash court as follows:

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I look forward to hearing from you.


Alternatively, phone (or walk in to) Reception from 0800hrs to 2200hrs daily on 2832 2817.  Calls made after that time will automatically be forwarded to the Main Bar who then can take your booking (on the phone or in person) until they close for the night. 


 Booking Rules


Squash Court Operation Schedule:

0700hrs – 0800hrs
0800hrs – 0900hrs
0900hrs – 1000hrs
1000hrs – 1100hrs
1100hrs – 1200hrs
1200hrs – 1300hrs
1300hrs – 1400hrs
1400hrs – 1500hrs
1500hrs – 1600hrs
1600hrs – 1700hrs
1700hrs – 1800hrs
1800hrs – 1900hrs
1900hrs – 2000hrs
2000hrs – 2100hrs
2100hrs – 2200hrs
2200hrs – 2300hrs