Absent Membership

A Member (except Short Term Members, Individual Debenture Members, Corporate Nominee Members and Child Members) must expect to be out of Hong Kong for at least 3 months to qualify for transfer to the Absent Members' List.

Cost for Life Absent Membership and Annual Absent Membership is 6 months' and 1 month's subscription respectively, as paid by Full Member (application form). While for Absent Cadet Members is 1 month's subscription (application form).


Visiting Absent Members

Visiting Absent Members must inform the Membership Office prior to their usage of the Club’s facilities.  There is a charge of HK$256 per membership account when an absent member temporarily visiting Hong Kong who seeks to use the premises of the Club.  Visiting Absent Members who do not have a valid autopay arrangement with the Club are required to sign for a blank credit card slip in settling their expenses before they are allowed to use the Club’s facilities. (application form)