Come and see us this long weekend, it's easy!

Whilst protests are expected to continue throughout the long weekend at various points in Central, Admiralty and Wanchai, there will always be a way for members to reach Kellett Island and we trust that members are looking forward to making use of their Club in what is forecast to be great weather over the next few days!

To help keep you as completely up to date as possible with traffic information please do bookmark this special traffic information web page  as well as downloading the Gov Notifications app to your phone.

Further, you can also consider using Google Maps to plan your route to the Club as feedback from members over the last weekend was that this App proved to be up to date and very useful.

There will always be a way to get to Kellett Island and as mentioned last week, the new Central Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel is proving very popular with members travelling from the western side of Hong Kong Island, as being able to double back from North Point avoids the worst of the traffic and only adds a few minutes to the normal journey time.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Kellett Island – and of course Middle Island and Shelter Cove too!



如欲接獲最新的交通資訊, 閣下可以把這個特別交通資訊網站(儲存起來,並於手提電話內下載名為「香港政府通知你」的流動應用程式(。另外, 閣下亦可考慮使用谷歌地圖(協助計劃前往本會的路線。我們亦接獲會員反應,表示上述流動應用程式可靠實用。



The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) is one of the oldest and largest sports clubs in Hong Kong, with a rich, colourful history that spans 170 years of community and competitive sailing and rowing. The RHKYC provides training programmes for practitioners of all abilities and ages -- both members and non-members -- to nurture their development, produce elite athletes capable of competing at the highest levels, and contribute to the growth and popularity of these great pastimes. The Club also organises a full calendar of high-profile local and international race events, helping place Hong Kong firmly on the global sporting map.


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