Big Boats

image: Isaac Lawrence

The Big Boat Class is the largest class at the RHKYC consisting of a vast collection of over 250 boats located in Shelter Cove, Kellett Island, Middle Island and Aberdeen.  The class can roughly be divided by the type of boat and the sailing preference of the owner/skipper into the following categories.

Roaring 40’s – professional or semi-professional teams which race on and off shore

Racing 35’s – teams racing mainly on shore on a regular basis

HKPN – teams involved in racing the HKPN class

Cruisers – racing in cruiser events or mostly cruising

As the committee represents the most diverse collection of boats and sailing preferences at the RHKYC, our goals are the following:

  1. Increase the number of interested and available sailors
  2. Improve participation in existing regattas and events
  3. Improve regatta/event content and social aspect
  4. Improve inter-club coordination

Hong Kong territory consists of 640 square kilometers of sea and over 260 mostly uninhabited islands with some of the most beautiful coastline in Southern China.  The Big Boat fleet cruises and races in all corners of Hong Kong including Sai Kung, Southern Hong Kong Island and Hong Kong harbour.  Big Boats also participate in on-shore regattas to Macau and Shenzhen, in addition to off-shore regattas to Philippines, Hainan Island, Vietnam and Thailand.

Each Big Boat is similar but unique in it’s layout, rigging and personality.  If you are new to sailing and are interested in racing or cruising or a little of both, the Big Boat community is open and welcoming.





Chairman - Maiyo Hood
Treasurer & PR - Violet Fung
Roaring 40s - Helmuth Hennig
Racing 35s - Rob Berkley
HKPN - Albert Cheung
Cruisers - Paul Chung
Inter-Club Coordinator - Richard van den Berg
Inter-Club Coordinator - Lesley Anderson

If you are interested in learning more about the Big Boat Class, please contact us any time at

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