RYA Powerboat Training

Powerboat Level 2 and Safety Boat Courses

The RHKYC is a recognised RYA Training Centre for powerboat courses. To drive a RHKYC rib you must first hold the RYA powerboat Level 2 certificate. Successful students who also hold a HK PVOCL may be added to the club’s approved rib driver list. Spaces are limited as the ratio is three students to one instructor and most weekends we only have one or two powerboats available for this training. Please complete and return the application to reserve a place.

 RYA Powerboat Level 2 Courses including Assessment

 Option PBL2/1

 January 14 and 15

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option PBL2/2 

 March 25 and 26

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option PBL2/3

 April 16 and 17

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option PBL2/4

 May 27 and 28

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option PBL2/5

 June 24 and 25

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 RYA Powerboat Level 2 Half Day Assessment

 Option PBA1

 January 21

 0930hrs to 1230hrs

 Option PBA2

 February 11

 0930hrs to 1230hrs

 Option PBA3    

 April 29

 0930hrs to 1230hrs

 RYA Safety Boat Course (applicants must hold RYA Level 2 first)

 Option SB1

 February 4 and 5

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option SB2

 April 22 and 23

 0930hrs to 1630hrs

 Option SB3                    

 June 10 to  11

 0930hrs to 1630hrs


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