Kellett Island Dining

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Compass Room

Level 3, Kellett Island Clubhouse

Business Hours:

Lunch is served daily from 1200hrs (last orders at 1430hrs)
Dinner is served daily from 1900hrs (last orders at 2230hrs)

Reservation: Accepted

Enquiries: 2239 0374

Children may only dine in the Compass Room at the following times:

  • lunch on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays;
  • dinner on Sundays, firework nights, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day;
  • tea at the Club's Children's Christmas Party.

They may also attend private functions to which they have been invited as guests and any other occasions approved from time to time by the General Committee.

Smoking and Mobile Phone Policy | Portable Telephone/Audible Musical Instruments and Laptop Computers | Dress Code

Dress Code: (For Compass Room Only)

Smart Casual (no shorts and sandals for gentlemen)

Dress Code Guidelines:

- May not wear baseball, sailing or sports caps.

- May not wear headwear unless it constitutes national dress or is for religious reasons.
- May not wear shorts unless accompanied by knee length socks.
- May not wear singlets or sleeveless vests.
- May not wear shirts without collars.
- May not wear open-toed footwear other than for medical reasons.

Ladies and Gentlemen
- No dirty, soiled or wet clothing.
- No clothing which has recently been used for sports action.


A fantastic view of the harbour... this is the Club's coffee shop with a selection of Western and Asian dishes for adults and children.

Business Hours:

Monday to Saturday 0730hrs – 2200hrs (last order)
Sunday 0800hrs – 2200hrs (last order)


Breakfast Buffet

Mondays to Saturdays 0730hrs – 1030hrs
Sundays 0800hrs – 1100hrs
Late Morning Menu (daily) after breakfast – 1200hrs
A la carte menu (daily) 1200hrs – last order 2200hrs
Lunch Buffet* (daily) 1200hrs – 1430hrs
Dinner Buffet* (Fridays to Sundays and public holidays) 1800hrs – 2200hrs

 *Every Wednesday – Curry Lunch and Dinner Buffet
Thursday Evening Special – spit Roasted Lamb

Reservations: Not Accepted (except on special occasions such as Fireworks Night)
Enquiries: 2239 0348

Smoking and Mobile Phone Policy l Dress Code l

Main Bar

The heart of the Club.

Business Hours:

Mondays to Thursdays 1130hrs – 0000hrs
Fridays and days preceding public holidays 1130hrs – 0100hrs
Saturdays and Sundays preceding public holidays 0800hrs – 0100hrs
Sundays and public holidays 0800hrs – 0000hrs

Food Available: A la carte menu is available daily from 1200hrs to 2200hrs except when Lawn Catering is available. 

Enquiries: 2239 0367

Yacht Stores:
Available when the Main Bar is open.
For bulk orders, please give 24 hours’ notice and phone 2239 0340 or 2239 0389.

Smoking and Mobile Phone Policy l Dress Code l


Available for private parties!

Business Hours:

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
(1 March to 31 December)
0700hrs - 2000hrs
Monday to Friday
(1 March to 30 April) 
0900hrs - 2000hrs
Monday to Friday
(1 May to 30 September)
0700hrs - 2000hrs
Monday to Friday
(1 October to 31 December) 
 0900hrs - 2000hrs
Closed for maintenance between 1 January to end Feburary

Pool Bar Service:

1 March to 31 December
Mondays to Fridays 1000hrs -1900hrs
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 0800hrs -1900hrs
Swimming Lesson Days (weekday) 0900hrs -1900hrs

Food Service:

Breakfast Menu (daily) from opening of pool bar 1130hrs
A la carte Menu (daily) from 1130hrs – last orders 1900hrs  

Early Access to Swimming Pool:
Please note that early access to the pool starts at 0630hrs. There is no lifeguard on duty between 0630hrs and the official opening hours stated above. Adult members may swim at their own risk. Children are prohibited from entering the pool until it is officially open.

Bowling Alley

The Bowling Alley has four lanes for you to enjoy and is open daily from 1100hrs to 2230hrs.

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to bowl. Children between 6 and 16 years must be supervised by an adult.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 
1100hrs - 2230hrs
Private parties are not normally allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Booking a private party does not guarantee exclusive use of the Bowling Alley.

Reservations: Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance by ringing Reception between 0800hrs and 2200hrs.

Food Available: A menu is available throughout the day.

Reservation Enquiries: 2832 2817 

Smoking and Mobile Phone Policy l Dress Code l

Smoking and Mobile Phone Policy

- At Kellett Island, smoking is only permitted in the following areas: 

  • the balconies of the Chart Room and the Main Bar;
  • the Main Lawn Corridor;
  • the Swimming pool (in the designated area);
  • the open areas of the car park, boatyard, pontoon and courtyard.

- Mobile phones are prohibited in all areas except the telephone room, the courtyard, the steps to Waterside, the car park and hardstanding areas.

Dress Code (For all F&B outlets except Compass Room)

No wet clothing, swim-wear or wet suits may be worn in enclosed bar and restaurant areas.

Portable Telephone/Audible Musical Instruments and Laptop Computers

Except where they are audible only to the user through earphones, the use of private radios, tape recorders, music players or musical instruments is forbidden in any part of the Club premises unless the use thereof has been approved by the General Manager.  The use of electronic equipment for the purpose of voice communication, including but not limited to portable phones, audible pagers and laptop computers is not permitted within the Club premises excepting the telephone room, courtyard, the
steps to Waterside, the car park and hard stand areas.

In the Compass Room, the use of electronic equipment, larger than pocket size, is permitted only when the room is in use for a private function.