Hong Kong to Hainan Race 2012

Starts Thursday 18 October

360nm downhill slide to Sanya on the south of Hainan Island, this race offers a great jumping off point for boats going on to other events on the Asian Circuit in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, or further south to Australia.


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Latest Additions

19-Oct-12 Provisional Results
18-Oct-12 Yellowbrick Race Tracking
17-Oct-12 Notice to Competitors #1
17-Oct-12 Additional Notes to Competitors #1
16-Oct-12 Provisional Divisional Splits
10-Oct-12 HKH Sailing Instructions - Eng
3-Oct-12 Yacht Stores Order Form
20-Sep-12 Entry List
13 Sep-12 Hainan Accommodation
31-Aug-12 Hong Kong to Hainan Race Shirts - Pre-Order
20-Aug-12 Hong Kong to Hainan Race - Timetable
27-Jul-12 HKH Notice of Race - Chinese
24-Jul-12 Crew Immigration/ Next of Kin Registration Form
24-Jul-12 Crew Experience Registration Form
24-Jul-12 Scrutineering - Safety Compliance and Race Declaration Form
24-Jul-12 Scrutineering - Checklist
24-Jul-12 Scrutineering - Letter to Skippers/ Persons in Charge
12-Jul-12 HKH Entry Form
12-Jul-12 HKH Notice of Race - English
06-Jul-12 CCRW Crew Board
05-Jul-12 CCRW Notice of Race