JAB Classes at the RHKYC

“Where champions are made”

JAB HK is one of Hong Kong’s original studio gyms that was founded in 2006. JAB has had a host of World Champions train and work within the walls of the now famous gym in Central, Hong Kong.  The philosophy of JAB has always been that there are better and more enjoyable ways to achieve ones fitness goals than simply going to lift weights in a gym. JAB HK has a handpicked staff that boasts years of experience in movement patterns, Martial Arts, Boxing as well as Pilates. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our fun and educating classes!

Teaming up in April 2017 JAB is looking forward to cornering the RHKYC at their brand new facility.  JAB will be running the class schedule at the new facility which will be focuses around general fitness, Boxing, Martial Arts as well as deep stretching and Pilates, or vital to the new look you of 2017.

Weights Circuit

A class run by the impressive Karetai Williams who is currently playing for the premiership Valley team in the Hong Kong Rugby League. Karetai is a crossfit athlete with a number of years of competition behind him. With a slow and patient demeanor expect Karetai to support you every step of the way as he guides you through the ins and outs of getting stronger.

General Fitness

General fitness is a class aimed at those looking to get a good sweat before the stresses of the work day in Hong Kong. This class is aimed at the total novice to the exceptionally fit and the circuit style allows those wanting to push harder than other to do exactly that. A great all round class for those looking to get the day going on the right foot.

MMA Fitness

MMA is the sport that has taken the world by storm. Mixed Martial Arts training is known to involve punching and kicking and body weight exercises to make you a stronger leaner version of yourself.  This class is run by MMA champion Kevin Reed and is open to all levels of skill. Prepare for an invigorating workout and live the life of a champion.

Boxing Fitness

Lean mean and fighting machines are what the modern day boxer is today. This class is uses all the ins and outs of a professional boxer’s life in order to trim up, lean up and learn a brand new skill! This class is open to all beginners and Kevin Reed will show you all the combinations that had him fighting for various European and Asian titles.


The Western version of Tai Chi taught by Shirley Ting in both Cantonese and English, Pilates is a training system designed to tighten up the core and have you feel refreshed and balanced.

Seniors Strength Training

Strength training can be intimidating. Hence we have decided to create this unique class to help those who feel it is time to add some muscle on to the body but want to do so in a controlled environment. This class is designed to assist those who know the benefits of getting back into the gym but are not too sure where to start. Look no further than this class.


Standardised class schedule - nine classes a week.

Affordable classes with world class coaches.

Attend as many classes a month as you would like.

 *Please note that all classes will be billed directly to your membership account and classes are only open to members of the RHKYC.

 Please do view the attached schedule and plan accordingly when you can attend.

In order to book your spot please do email admin@studiojab.hk at least 12 hours before the start of class for planning purposes.

 Cost per class: $120