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Immigration Requirements

Hong Kong has a relatively generous policy on visitor immigration and visitors from most countries do not need a tourist visa.  Full details of the list of countries that do (or do not) need a visa are set out in the Immigration Department’s website ( 

See below for an extract of the visa situation for the countries where the FFI has national associations.

Nationality of foreign country (Territory)/ Type of Travel Document

Visa free period for visit not exceeding


90 Days


90 Days

BRITAIN (British citizens)

180 Days


90 Days


90 Days


90 Days


14 Days


30 Days


90 Days













Tourist Information

Official Hong Kong Tourism website - click here

Hong Kong International Airport website - click here

Travel Kit .. taken from the official tourism website





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Phone and Tablet Apps

Here you will find some apps to help you navigate Hong Kong’s many worlds! Become a local food expert, experience quirky and exciting festivals, stay up-to-date with local events, or just see what’s around and above you on the densely packed streets of Asia’s world city.


Hong Kong Local Delicacies Guide

Best of the Best Culinary Awards

Hong Kong Living Culture Guide

Local Favourites: Your Guide to Hong Kong’s Outlying Islands

The Inside Guides to Hikes and Walks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Walks

Hong Kong Cultural Kaleidoscope

Map of Hong Kong

Find your way around Hong Kong and look out for points of interest in your vicinity!

Virtual Tours

See and Do

Build a modern city on an ancient civilisation, put it at an intersection of cultures, and you get a place that is truly worth exploring. Dive into a festival, hike a mountain trail, catch a show, visit a temple, explore a walled village… this is your guide to seeing and doing Hong Kong.


The devotion Hong Kong applies to shopping is a sight in its own right. The city’s heritage as an international centre of trade has led to an incredible variety of goods, while the local passion for buying and selling infects almost every corner of the city – and all those who enter it.