Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
China Sea Race 

Starts Thursday 13 April 2006

Race Tracking by Purplefinder

Latest Additions

PRIZEGIVING on the Lawn at Kellett Island - starts 1900hrs, Friday 12th May
Start Photos by Guy Nowell 21-Apr-06
Provisional HKPN Overall 19-Apr-06
Provisional Results 18-Apr-06
Daily Reports 18-Apr-06
Finish Time Updates 17-Apr-06  14:30:00
Position Reports 0800hrs 17-Apr-06
Position Reports 1800hrs 16-Apr-06
Finish Time Updates 16-Apr-06
Position Reports 0800hrs 16-Apr-06
Position Reports 1800hrs 15-Apr-06
Position Reports 0800hrs 15-Apr-06
Position Reports 1800hrs 14-Apr-06
Position Reports 0800hrs 14-Apr-06
Race Tracking by Purplefinder 13-Apr-06
L Notice #2 12-Apr-06
L Notice #1 10-Apr-06
Provisional Divisional Split 04-Apr-06
Boat Profiles Added 31-Mar-06
Port Clearance (Hong Kong) 30-Mar-06
Friends and Family E-mail 29-Mar-06
Media Registration Form 29-Mar-06
Press Release  29-Mar-06
Food Order Form 29-Mar-06
President's Cup Weblink 20-Mar-06
CSR Series SI's 17-Mar-06
CSR Series NoR 17-Mar-06
Map of Subic Bay Area Accommodation 14-Mar-06
Scrutineering Check List 14-Mar-06
Coastal Race 10-Mar-06
CSR Event Shirts available at Ship Shop!  08-Mar-06
Sailing Instructions 08-Mar-06
More Crew Available 07-Mar-06
Entry List 02-Mar-06
Scutineering and Safety Compliance Form 02-Mar-06
Crew Experience Form 02-Mar-06
Crew Registration Form 02-Mar-06
Event Timetable & Deadlines 21-Feb-06
RORC Offshore Special Regulations 15-Feb-06
President's Cup NoR 15-Feb-06
Crew Wanted / Available  01-Feb-06
Accommodation Subic Bay 12-Jan-06
Entry Form 11-Jan-06
Notice of Race 22-Nov-05



For further details about the 2006 China Sea Race, please contact Alex Johnston 
e-mail or call +852 2239 0362