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image: RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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We have a youth sailing class committee to make sure the voice of our youth sailors is heard throughout the club.  The youth sailors of today are our sailors and club members of the future.  We meet every month to discuss everything to with and all matters that touch on youth sailing and the committee is made up entirely of rhkyc youth sailors with one exception which is the Chairman.

The YSCC members are
• Mentor - Rob Partridge
• Chairperson and Cadet Boy Captain - Alex Lewellyn
• Vice Chairperson and Cadet Girl Captain - Jacqueline Truhol
• 29er Fleet Captain - Ferdinand Heldman
• Laser Fleet Captain - Emma Fung
• Optimist Boy Captain - Dolf Hendriksen
• Optimist Girl Captain - Abbey Hammond

If there is a matter , suggestion or thought you would like us to look at please email any one of us c/o and we will discuss the matter in our next meeting and respond to you with our thoughts.