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2017/18 Sharks Racing Team - Application - Updated 4th June '17

Training and Competition Calendar

Child Protection - Overseas trips

Feeder Squads

Email sailtrain@rhkyc.org.hk for more information on: 

     - Silver Squad

     - Sunday Youth Sailing Club


Rob Partridge - Head Racing Coach and lead 29er Coach

Alex Dyet - Racing Coach/Bosun and lead Laser Coach

Christos Atzemian - Racing Coach/Bosun and lead Optimist Coach

Jono Rankine - Optimist Coach

Clement Lam - Assistant Optimist Coach

Dominick Hardoon - Rs Feva Class Coach

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Cadet Captain

Jackie Truhol

Fleet Captains

To be announced - 29er

To be announced - Laser

For further details of the Racing Squads please contact Head Racing Coach Rob Partridge, rob.partridge@rhkyc.org.hk or 2812 6255.

For our adverse weather procedures visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Sharks Squad 2017-2018

If you want to be part of our Sharks Squad, please contact us at sailtrain@rhkyc.org.hk

Sailors must be able to sail competently around a course with no assistance, keen to learn and to have fun! The below image shows the pathway and structure of our current Sharks programme.

Sharks Squad requires a lot of commitment. Regularly training is at least one full day per week with the higher performing sailors expected to sail on at least two days per week. We also hold training during the week after school.

For training schedules please visit the calendar.