The Sportsboats are a popular fleet with over 15 boats registered in Hong Kong. The reason for this is simple: large sail plans and easily driven hulls ensure the boats are fun to sail in all conditions, making them perfect for the typically light to medium winds here. As the wind increases, the generous downwind sail plans ensure that all crews return to the dock with a smile on their face.

Most of the racing takes place in the beautiful surroundings on Port Shelter in Sai Kung, as well as Hong Kong Harbour. The fleet enjoys a mixture of racing ‘around the cans’ and island racing that takes the fleet around some of Hong Kong’s stunning scenery.

The sports boats have a strong social scene with regular mid-week meet ups, gatherings on the pontoon after sailing and annual prize giving parties. There are on-the-water training days to develop the talent in the fleet. Additionally the fleet offers their services to local charities, ensuring people from all backgrounds have the chance to enjoy these fun, fast boats. The race calendar is packed all year around giving sailors the option to race almost every weekend.

The fleet consists of a range of designs including Magic 25’s, Longtze’s, J70’s J80’s.GP26’s, among others. The Sportsboats race under the SMS rule that ensures boats of different designs can fairly race against each other.

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