Hiring of Sail Lockers

(prices effective from 1 July 2017)

Storage lockers are availed for hire at Middle Island and Kellett Island, and facilities for storing sails for Class boats are available at all three Club houses. Storage of dangerous or inflammable goods in the lockers or sail store is strictly prohibited. Periodic inspections of the locker rooms will be carried out and members found with dangerous goods stored will have their locker hire revoked with immediate effect. Members are also informed that anything being left elsewhere in the locker room apart from their own lockers will be removed and disposed of without notice.

Middle Island       52 Lockers - $ 37 per month ea.
                               Shelves for storage of Class boat sails - $ 21 per month per sail

Shelter Cove        Shelves for storage of Class boat sails - $ 21 per month per sail

An application form for sail storage or locker hire can be downloaded from the members’ login section under “documents” For further information please contact Joanne Ho on Tel: 2239 0309, Fax: 2572 5399, or e-mail marine@rhkyc.org.hk.

Arrangements for New Sail Lockers in Annex New Wing from May 2016

Dear Members,

The Club has increased the number of storage lockers in the new administration building and have added 18 larger units.  Members who have lockers above ground level will be pleased to know that the locker room will have movable stairs to make reaching the upper lockers easier. We hope to be able to use the new lockers from the beginning of May 2016.

There will be three sizes of lockers available, small, medium and large.

The large lockers are 1.4 meters wide, 2 metres high and 80cm deep and are all at ground level. These lockers are approximately the size of four units of medium lockers.

The medium lockers are 70 cm wide, 1.02 ms high and 80cm deep.

The small lockers are the same size as the medium lockers but they have a vertical pillar rising through them.

Medium and large lockers Small locker with pillar passing through it.


There will be no increase in the number of lockers available on the ground and first floor level as the large lockers are on the ground floor. There are also small lockers on the ground floor.

MarCom have agreed on the following method for relocating members lockers from the old room to the new room;

Members who have ground level lockers at present will be allocated ground level lockers.

Members who have first level lockers will be allocated first level lockers.

Members who have second level lockers will be allocated second level lockers.

Members who have top level lockers will be allocated second level lockers.

The cost of the medium size lockers will remain at $66 per month, the same as charged for the lockers at present.  Large lockers will be charged at $840 per month.  Small lockers will be charged at $32 per month.

Members who wish to rent a small or a large locker should apply to the Marine Office at marine@rhkyc.org.hk.  They will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Thank you


Marine Office.