Start sailing from the age of 6!  Various courses for our younger members are on offer ...

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Kellett Island

Available for children at Kellett Island:

- swimming and swimming lessons
- bowling
- playground
- kids' club room
- darts
- ping pong
- children's menus at Poolside, Bistro, and Waterside
- children's playroom in the Ward Room during Sunday lunch in the Compass Room
- colouring sheets at the Bistro
- children's toys at pool and playground
- function rooms for birthday parties
- DVD library
- Monster Pool Parties
- holiday parties and activities such as Easter Egg decoration

The snooker table (in the Snooker Room off the Bistro) is available for use by members over 16. Board games are available for those over 18.

Squash court – children under 12 years of age may not use the squash courts or be in the spectators' gallery unless accompanied by an adult.

Middle Island

A selection of board games is available (Mastermind, Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, Chess, Checkers).

There are children’s toys for use on the grass area – digger trucks and large building blocks.

Books and magazines, donated by members, and can be taken by other members.

Table tennis in the Minnit Room.

Computer with internet access in Tong Po Chau Room.

Wii in Sedgwick room (parent must be in attendance).

Beach toys are put out every weekend on the Club beach for general use.

Deck chairs are available from the rowing building.

Kayaks are available to those who do a short familiarisation lesson and go on the helm list.

Sunscreen for sale in the bar.

All these facilities can be used free of charge but need to be signed out at the bar. If you cannot find something or wish to have something set up, e.g. tennis table, ask at the bar.

Shelter Cove

- playhouse with slide
- box of buliding blocks - Mega Blocks
- small piano with four keys
- 2 small plastic toys
- 2 drawing boards (magic draw)
- box of blocks outside (by cutlery and plates)
- board games
- Master Mind x3
- Scrabble
- Chess/Backgammon/Checkers
- Tumbling Tower
- Monopoly x2
- Big Box with Family Games
- Leather Backgammon
- Starwars Chess
- Wooden Monopoly
- Computer


Children's Parties

The Banquet Office offers various packages - including Children's Waterside Parties, Children's Bowling Parties and Children's Poolside Parties.  You can also have a party at either Middle Island or Shelter Cove. 

Contact the Banquet Office to learn more!